Current Project:  Monitoring and advocacy project on human rights violation in the territories of Fizi and Uvira

Who We are

The Youth African & Peace  (YAP) association was founded in 12st July 2014 in Kikonde. The radius of action includes the entire province of South Kivu. However for efficiency, our interventions are concentrated in few pilot territories, notably Fizi and Uvira.

The Youth Africa & Peace has the goal to contribute to the involvement of young people in the process for the peaceful resolution of conflicts but contribute to the improvement of living conditions of people with disabilities, children at risk and women in difficult socio-economic situation.

Our Mission and Vision:

Youth Africa and Peace’s mission is to bring marginalized women and victims of human rights abuses out of conflict and poverty through quality technical and financial support in eastern DR Congo.

Our vision is to allow the involvement of youth girls and women in the sustainable development of our society to guarantee them an entity where women enjoy good health, justice and social wellbeing and contribute effectively to peace in their community.

Our Core Values:

Love: Youth Africa and Peace works for common well-being and treats everyone equally. We unconditionally welcome others and help each other by sharing services.

Diversity and inclusion: YAP support the culture of inclusion built on the strength of diversity of communities that cover its area of intervention.

Excellence: Youth Africa and Peace strives to be an to excel in everything it does.

Integrity: Integrity serves as a reference and guides the actions of the organization. The members of our organization therefore undertake to respects its commitments despite pressure to the contrary.

Our Activities:

  • Defend the rights of people living with disabilities, young people, children and women.
  • Take charge of school and healthcare for children in difficult situations.
  • Adopt or seek sponsors for orphaned children of two parents without host families
  • Involve young people and women in prevention, transformation and conflict resolution.
  • Assist and rehabilitate young people, women and children before the courts
  • Promote female entrepreneurship and foster families for orphaned and abandoned
  • Denounce violation of the rights of children and women and legally prosecute the authors.
  • Promote appropriate technologies likely to reduce women’s work
  • Encourage women’s effort to ensure food security and the fight against poverty.







Raised Funds